Elevate your parking space to the next level.



Variability in a confined space. For everyone.

  • Dependent parking: Stacked parker, the lower parked car must always be empty to lower the platform

  • Numerous variants and designs to meet the different requirements of cars and buildings, eg. B. width, height, length and weight

  • Available as single and double stage; can be used in tandem

  • For 2 to 3 vehicles stacked on top of each other

  • Valet Use



Semi-Automatic System

Maximum flexibility and convenience.

  • Independent parking: Each vehicle can be reached independently of the other cars

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Horizontal and vertical movement behind manual or electric gates

  • High parking space density

  • Combination of individual TrendVario systems

  • Best ease of use via dialog display or additional remote control (in local language)

  • Fully automatic process with permanently assigned parking spaces

  • High level of security


4200 2.jpg

Fully-Automatic System

Absolute comfort when parking.

  • Access times

  • Safe vehicle accommodation

  • Protection against theft and damage

  • Secure access to the park without narrow ramps or dark accesses

  • Constructed space can be reduced by up to 50 percent - compared to conventional parking spaces

  • There is no need for space for ramps and tramlines

  • Savings of parking levels including their equipment (lighting, ventilation, sprinkler systems)

  • Shortening the construction period

  • Use of the saved construction volume for additional parking space or more economical purposes